Quite the "suit"able weekend!

It was a lovely weekend in NYC. Lots of sun and warm weather... perfect for shopping! Mark and I went out and took advantage of a lovely sale to buy him a few suits for work. Having worked for the past 3 years at an office that is business casual, he doesn't own enough suits to wear at an office that is all suits all day. We had an enjoyable experience at the tailors too! A lovely little family run, tailoring/dry cleaning/random jewelry store in Rego Park (just a 4 subways stops out on the F train). They had a nice little changing room about the size of our closet at home! So now we have Mark all suited up (nice pun!) to start work next week... all we need now is somewhere for him to stay!

I also had a lovely shopping day and bought 2 new pairs of shoes (thank you DSW!) with some birthday money and some coupons! What better way to get stuff when you don't end up paying for any of it?? And yes I checked, Minneapolis has DSW's! We would not have moved there if they didn't. Seriously.

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