Hail Minnesota

Hail Minnesota
Minnesota, hail to thee!Hail to thee, our state so dear,Thy light shall ever be A beacon bright and clear.Thy son and daughters trueWill proclaim thee near and far,They shall guard thy fame and adore thy name;Thou shalt be their Northern Star.
Like the stream that bends to sea,Like the pine that seeks the blue;Minnesota, still for theeThy sons are strong and true.From the woods and waters fair;From the prairies waving far,At thy call they throng with their shout and song;Hailing thee their Northern Star.

So that is the official state song of Minnesota, don't ask to what tune it is sung, because I do not know! My guess is we won't hear it being sung while we are in Minneapolis this weekend, but maybe they will have a lovely quartet awaiting us as we exit the plane...? Probably not, but you never know!

Could you live in a place named something that made you laugh every time you said it? Mark has been doing apartment hunting online and setting up times to go check them out over the weekend and one of the apartment complexes is called the "Minnehaha" it just MAKES you laugh... it has "HAHA" right in it!!

I am trying to decide how I make the apartment decision... what's the most important factor? Price? Location? Square footage? I think for me it is neighbours. I wish they had a way to let you know how noisy your neighbours were going to be. I swear if we pick a place and 2 days into it the people next door are blaring their music all hours of the day and someone has a parrot they keep right next to the wall... ugh, how DO you test for noisy neighbours when you are only in the apartment 10 or 15 minutes max? Cross your fingers we find a place beside someone quiet, and non-bothersome, instead of the crazies we have had out in NYC!!


Melissa said...

you have definitely had your fair share of crazy neighbors. i think you are due for some nice ones!

Jen Richards said...

I think the Minnesotans will be a less crazy bunch than those who live in NYC (hopefully-right?)so chances are you will not re-live the terrors of your strange neighbors. I still cannot believe you are moving so soon. I am still planning on celebrating our last day of work- May 18th will be the best day ever!