Is $25,000 really THAT exciting?

I will admit it, I like to watch Wheel of Fortune.
I wouldn't say I am the most awesome Wheel player, but I will say I am known to be a bit better than the average word puzzle solver. Mark continues to tell me I should go on Wheel... but that would require being in television, and I don't think I am ready for that! So, here is the question of the day, and it is really more Mark's question than mine, but I will pose it for him. So, for those of you not familiar with Wheel; they play a number word puzzle solving rounds, and come the end of the designated rounds, whoever has the most money goes to the Bonus Round! When you go to the bonus round you spin a mini wheel and choose the prize based on where the wheel stops. The prizes can be cash ($25K-$100K), cars, trips, etc. So Mark's question is this... if $25K is the lowest amount of money you can win, should you really be THAT excited to win it? Now, I see the point that it is the lowest cash prize, but sometimes the cars and/or trips can be less than $25K, so then it is exciting!! What if you win the supped up PT Cruiser for $21K (maybe it's worth more, I don't know) or the European vineyard trip (guessing that isn't over $25K)... you might want to trade in your prize for the measly $25K afterall!! So yes Mark, I say it IS really THAT exciting! :o)

As a side note... why did the stop letting people spend their money in the prize room? I liked that! They always had the most random things, like a ceramic frog for $1750! Everyone wants one of those!!


Suzanne said...

I miss the prize rooms too! I used to have the wheel of fortune board game-that was hours of fun.

jenn said...

Hey Mel, I am so happy for you guys and that your dreams are finally coming true ... getting to leave the city! I'm going to add you to my blog page so that we can keep in touch! Have a great day!