Lost Boys

I think Corey Haim was one of the first posters ever to grace my walls, growing up. I can't even count how many I had, but there were a lot. Sure there were a couple Kirk Cameron ones along with a few other 80's teen hunks, but there were always more Haim posters than anyone else.
Lost Boys was, and is, one of my favourite movies. Classic 80's. I was a Team Haim from the beginning, none of this Corey Feldman stuff for me. Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream, Lucas, Silver Bullet...such memories.
Am I too old to hang up one of those posters now? Not that I have any left over...
(and yes, this picture is one of the posters I used to hang on my wall).


Krista said...

He was my first love. Even though the first time I saw him was in "Lucas" the geeky underdog was still a babe to me! So weird that I was awake in the night last night and he randomly popped into my head, before anyone even knew he had died. (We must have some kind of cosmic connection left over from when I used to make out with my Big Bopper mags.) RIP Corey.

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