Does This Hair Make Me Look...

How do you decide on a new hair do? I've decided the mullet has been growing untamed for far too long now and it needs to be domesticated. What to do with it is the question of the day.
You know when you find that perfect picture that encompasses everything you want in a hairstyle, take it to your stylist with such excitement and anticipation, and then when it's over and you get home you realize that, for whatever reason, you now look like an 8 year old boy? (No? Maybe it's just me).
I have come to the conclusion that I just can't pull off the long hair anymore. As easy as it is, and as much as I see it being flaunted all around me, I just can't do it without it looking like I am being drowned. My hair just isn't cut out for the long, luxurious life like it was in high school. I am resigned to knowing that a life of shorter hair styles lays ahead. And that's fine, there are some great 'do's out there, I just need to find one that works for me (that is the hard part). It seems I am in for the long haul of trial and error haircuts. If there was only a way to do this without having to live through the dreaded "growing out" period. That's when the mullet comes back and sadly it usually stays longer than it is welcome.
So here I sit, appointment made, webpages searched, hair magazine pages dog eared...but no decision made. The only thing I am sure of is that when I come home, the husband will tell me it's "cute"...in that 12 year old girl kind of way.
Maybe if I wasn't so lazy, I would take on a more adventurous style or something that requires more than 3 minutes with a flat iron. But with the impending arrival this summer, the only thing I hear calling my name is a ponytail, and that is just not going to happen. Maybe I should go the wind blowing on my scalp route and buzz it off to see how it all grows in again? Ok, no that will never happen and not only because I am afraid I have a huge flat spot on the back of my scalp.... although it would be super easy to manage.
Seven days...that's what I have left until decision time. More than likely I will walk in, sit in my stylist's chair, sigh and tell her I have no idea. Then I will walk out feeling one of three ways; 1) like an 8 year old boy, 2) a 12 year old girl who is so excited to be going to the mall without her parents for the first time, or 3) like a 50 year old mom (no offense to 50 year old moms out there!). I'm going to guess option #2 would be the best of the above choices...but still, not quite my goal. I guess we will see a week from now...fingers crossed.


Grandma Smith said...

I don't know what it is about a woman's hair. I don't think we are ever happy with what we have and are always trying to change it for something we aren't quite sure of. I'm sure what you do will be great and you will probably not be as happy with it as everyone else is. Even if you love it you will want to change it for something else later. Good Luck!

Krista said...

Funny, I am in the exact same boat...I have done all the same things except haven't made the appointment yet. I am also contemplating a big change. It is scary, huh? Whatever you do, don't tell them you have no idea, or they might think you don't really care. I am sure it will be cute. I agree about shorter hairstyles working better for moms. I used to always wonder why moms always seemed to cut off all their hair...now I totally get it. When mine was long all I ever did was a pony or bun...it makes you feel so frumpy! I am excited to see how it turns out.