Boy OH Boy

I realized a few things this weekend.
Maternity clothes suck. There are too many people at the Mall of America. Burger King does not satisfy. And boy clothes suck all the life out of me.
We ventured down to the MOA with the hopes of finding some clothes for me that I can squeeze myself into, a few little things for T, and some great starter pieces for the boy (yes, we are having a boy if you hadn't heard). The MOA has a few stores that are not in any other mall in the MN area, so my hopes were high for what I might find. We spent a good 4-5 hours at the mall (it's impossible to spend less when you are actually shopping and not just roaming around) and came home with 3 things boy, and all it is are onesies, a pair of pj's and a t-shirt. So disappointing. I kept drifting over to the girls clothes and Mark had to keep reeling me back over to the boy side. It's pretty safe to say that this boy will not have anything close to the amount of clothes his sister had, has and will have. Which Mark is probably excited about! Luckily we have a few months to search and scour before winding up with a small baby clad only in diapers due to a lack of clothing. Girl clothes on the other hand....oh my! It's probably best we're not having another girl or soon this house would be flooded with clothes. Why the discrepancy between boy and girl clothes, clothes-makers?? I know boys don't wear dresses, but there must be something other than trucks and animals that make boys clothes boyish, right?
Now, maternity clothes. It's either $20 for a t-shirt or $550 for leather leggings. Is there nothing in between? Of course there is, but I can't find it, and I can't justify $100 on a dress or a shirt I will wear only for a few months. Since I'm not working I don't have to worry about work wear, which is nice, but I would still like to have some somewhat stylish clothes, not just sweats and a tank top! If that was the case, I would just wear my pj pants and Mark's t-shirts outside instead of just around the house!
So if anyone has any tips on places to buy cool boy clothes and nice maternity clothes that don't cost an arm and a leg, would you mind sharing your finds with me? Otherwise this boy will be naked AND nameless!! (The name issue is a post all on it's own).


Emma said...

I have the same problems and have found no solutions yet. Especially to the boy clothes quandary.

Krista said...

Yeah, boy clothes pretty much suck. I always had pretty good luck at Gap and Old navy though. Target is pretty good, too. One thing I could never find for Drew when he was a baby was church clothes. He wore a lot of jammies during the first 6 months. As far as maternity clothes go, I have always had pretty good luck with Motherhood Maternity, which I am assuming you have already hit. Sorry my maternity clothes are occupied at the moment, or I would send them back to you. (By the way, what is wrong with going out in sweats and T-shirts? I do it all the time!) I doubt my suggestions helped you at all. Good luck!

Erin said...

Mel, I'm sorry to say that boy clothes shopping has actually improved over the last 5 years. I remember before Kurtis was born I would go shopping with my friend (who was having a girl) and come home with hardly anything and it was boring. But when I went shopping for Kole's wardrobe I found MANY more cute things. You are the shopping pro, I know you can handle this and it will not conquer you! :)

Catherine said...

I like the Loft's Maternity line (it's only online). It often goes on sale and you can find good coupon codes at retailmenot.com. And I like to shop for boy's clothes at the outlets. Hartstrings, Gap, OshKosh, Childrens' Place, and Gymboree. They are hit and miss, but Hartstrings normally has something cute. Just make sure to shop with the coupon book and you'll feel good about anything you buy :) Good luck!

Ming said...

I always thought I wanted a girl so I could enjoy shopping, but the day I found out I stopped at a store to pick out a girly something to get me excited and I left with a t shirt for Jack. So it's all what you're used to. As for me though I always get Jack's church clothes at The Children's Place or their outlet. They have cute dress clothes. I get everything else at the Gap, Old Navy & Target. Oh, and Carter's onsies & pjs. They are the best. Anything Gerber brand generally sucks. As for shoes my fave is good old Converse. They work for church and play.

For maternity I say H&M Mama. It's cheap and in style. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others. For baby boys I always shopped at Old Navy or Carters, and once they hit toddler age I shop at The Childrens Place a lot. The outlet here is always putting there cute little ties on sale for $1. I will find you some. Good Luck!