I Want Your Socks

Tomorrow is a very special day and I wanted to make sure no one forgot.
May 8th is No Socks Day!!
I don't know how someone could forget this mighty special day, but I know that I will be joining the masses and shirking socks tomorrow. Considering I shirk socks pretty much every day once the weather hits above freezing - it's not that different of a day for me but I wanted to do my duty and pass on the joy in liberating your toes to anyone who is still jailing their toes in thick, hot, sweaty socks. Let them be free!!
Apparently the only rule is that you must have washed your feet that day, but there is no requirement to have perfectly painted toenails - just an added bonus if you do. I probably won't be going the polished toe way since it is a struggle just to keep them clipped right now, and the only person who might be willing to paint them for me will be working late tonight. Due to my low level of restraint when someone touches my feet a pedicure is out of the question (unless there is someone willing to risk a mighty kick to the head).
So treat yourself tomorrow, let your toes see the sun, wiggle hello to all of the other toes around and let them smell the roses...hopefully no one will smell your feet, which should have been washed before participating in this national day of toe baring! And for all of you concerned with the environment...think of the quantity of laundry that will be saved if we all abstain from dirtying a pair of socks up!
Bring on the peep toes!!

And just to get you ready for the days ahead...May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day, so start thinking about what we can do to honour those socks we've lost over the years and all that they provided us.

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Stephen and Katherine Heggie said...

I can't even remember the last time I wore socks. Is that really sad? I wear flip flops everyday! Luckily whe I go to Idaho in July we will be going camping, therefore I will need to wear closed toe shoes. I don't know if my toes can handle the restraint!