Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Right?

I guess unless you are as much of a LOST nerd as I am, you won't really pick up on the awesomeness of this little onesie a friend of mine was so thoughtful to give us. She also gave us one with "4 8 15 16 23 42"...again, unless you watch LOST, you're probably feeling lost right now. Mark was pretty stoked to see these when I got home last night too. This little one may permanently alternate between the two to ensure everyone knows how much her parents are geeks. Although I am guessing she will pick up on that pretty early in life.
This gift had to be the perfect precursor for tonight. Yes, as even more proof to our nerdness, we are anxiously awaiting the season finale of LOST (8:00 central time for all those who want to watch). As I say every season (and have yet to be disappointed) this episode is going to be awesome. How could 2 hours of LOST, not be awesome? This back half of season 4 has not disappointed and is right up there with season one in terms of greatness. We've been given answers (like who gets of the island) and have been left puzzling (we don't know HOW...is everyone else alive, or dead, or...something else. What about Claire? Christian? Who the heck is Jacob? And why haven't we seen more of Desmond?! I swear, if they kill him....I might just have to have a little chat with Damon and Carlton.)
While there is a level of euphoria over tonight's engagement, it is not without a little sadness. Mainly the fact that after tonight it will be many months (some very cold and lonely) until we meet up with our friends again. I am not one of those LOSTies who spend every waking second online trying to crack the code, dreaming up theories and have conspiracies all worked out in my head, I like to watch, be amazed and scream "WHA???" and "this hurts my brain" at my TV screen. I used to have to research everything and try to figure it out, but I have found that just enjoying and being absolutely dumbfounded by what they keep throwing at me is so much more fulfilling. I like not knowing what is going to happen - it amazes me to think what these writers have done and will continue to do. I still have to laugh a little about Mark and how we became obsessed with this whole LOST thing; It was a very warm day in our subletted apartment in NYC when I first saw an ad for this new fall TV show called LOST. I didn't think much of it at first, but since I had no job, it was as hot as Hades and I lived in a less than desirable neighbourhood of northern Manhattan, I tended to stay inside and watch a lot of TV... so I saw a lot of ads for this show. Mark saw them too when he was home at night, and I told him I was going to check the show out but I was hesitant because it looked kind of hokey. Mark figured it would just be some Jurassic Park rip-off and he was not interested in it. Well fast forward 4 years and the kid is hooked! It's funny how some things never change, mainly the fact that he never listened to me then, and he still doesn't, yet without fail he always has to end up muttering a "you were right". But that's a topic for another day.
Anyway, I've stumbled off the path of my 8567458968th love fest to LOST since starting this blog. I am excited to see what is in store for us tonight...I am even willing to stay up again until 10:00 to watch it!! Mark you had just better be home on time so I am not up later! Yes that's right, in the household of the shrine to the DVR (we have 2), we watch LOST in realtime. Once in awhile we will have to start it later, like if Mark is taking his sweet time coming home from somewhere, but 95% of the time, when the clock hits 8:59, ABC is on and we are ready to go. No fast forwarding for us! Commercials are the time to digest what we've just seen and prepare for what's to come next! So if you're thinking about calling us tonight, and it is between 8:00 and 10:00 CST - please don't...or make sure it is during a commercial...because we won't be answering the phone! So if you watch, enjoy it and leave me a note on your thoughts. I just might come back tomorrow and give my final Lost lovefest for the year so leave me some ideas and thoughts to throw around for the masses!!


Shelly said...

Hey Mel, how did they decide who would go on the helicopter? I missed that episode, so I'm lost (no pun intended) as to HOW they decided who went on the helicopter and it's driving me crazy!!!!

Dolphinsbarn said...

(Spoiler Alert)Good finale except what in the crap was going on with the giant sprocket that moves the island. Kind of retarted... everything else though, I liked.

What did you guys end up thinking?

What book did Mark choose (better have been mine)?