Too much truthiness

So last night Mel and I set down for our nightly ritual of T.V. watching, but due to the writers strike we were forced to watch reality programming on FOX. I’m not sure if anyone else watched the “The Moment of Truth” last night, but it was awesome. The first contestant was an ex-XFL football player who confessed to: touching other women inappropriately, not thinking his wife was his life partner and checking out other guys junk in the locker room. I found the show pretty amusing, but I think this could cause major issues for couples who watch the show together. Leave it to Fox to find a show that could destroy people’s lives for the entertainment of the masses. I can’t wait til next season when their new show “Coliseum, Are You Stronger Than A Lion?” premiers. I could never be on a show like this because I am afraid the following questions might get asked:

-Have you ever eaten a whole bag of Cheetos so fast that you threw them up and been tempted to eat them again because they still looked undigested?
-Do you get totally pumped up by Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone"?
-Have you ever thrown a dead raccoon for sport?
-Do you mispronounce simple words like compromise?
-Does the smell of gunpowder arouse you?
-Do you find Ron Paul oddly attractive?
-Have you ever tucked your genitalia between your legs and ran around like an ugly woman?
-Have you ever worn a Devo hat while making love?
-Have you been tempted to push old people down, just because you can?
-Have you ever revealed way too much personal information on a blog?

What do you think? Did anyone else watch the show? Did you fight with your significant other after watching it? Will I be an unfit parent?


Krista said...

Wow, Mark, just when I think you couldn't top your last blog...lol you slay me! We watched- totally made our skin crawl. I seriously felt so uncomfortable watching. But then I remembered that they knew what they were getting themselves into when they went on the show, and they deserve whatever is coming to them. Same goes for the families/spouses. They are obviously not afraid of the truth, either. I think I will definitely be watching in the future, if for no other reason than its on right after Idol.

Trisha Martin said...

Seriously??? A Devo hat??? Was this for your benefit or for Mel's? Maybe that could be the name for the baby...Devo Smith..it kinda has a ring to it. Did you shoot a gun prior to putting on the hat, just to get in the mood? Was Kelly Clarkson jamming out in the background?
I have one thing to say...TMI Mark..TMI.

Alisha and Dave said...

Mark you are freakin' hilarious!! I totally watched the show the other night. I laughed at the footballer because he's a moron. I especially loved his answer to "have you put off children with your wife because you aren't sure she is your life partner?" Why would you get married in the first place. I would totally go on that show. I have nothing to hide.