Questions....and Answers?

Alright, I suppose we should give everyone's eyes a break from Mark's prego belly. I really don't know what to say though...I told Mark nothing has really irritated me enough to want to vent. What's happened to me?? Or perhaps there is too much to vent about?
Regardless, I have pondered some things this last week...maybe you guys can help me out with them, or tell me if you ponder them too.

  1. What do the lyrics to Mika's "Big Girls" song mean? And why are there only 4 or 5 lines repeated over and over and over and over again? It's a catchy beat and I find myself bopping along, but I am always thinking about where the butterfly lounge is and why I need to get myself there.
  2. Do radio stations really only have 6 sings they play on a repetitive loop day after day after day? I am convinced it is true, and those songs are: Mika "Big Girls", Rhianna's "Shut Up and Drive", Fergie's "Clumsy", One Republic/Timbaland's "Apologize", State of Shock's "Money Honey" and Finger Eleven's "I'll Keep Your Memory Vague". Well those are the ones I hear on the station I listen to at work. It makes me feel like groundhog day when I get there and I hear the same song first thing every morning!
  3. Why does the media make such a hoopla when a "Celeb" announces she is pregnant? Ok, I can see the muzz when it is Britney's 16 year old sister, but anyone else..? Yay, Nicole Kidman is pregnant! There were no cameras, flashing lights, paparazzi hounding me looking for that ever telling "baby bump". No one put me on ET. Perhaps the media only thinks famous people have babies and that it is a relatively new phenomenon...?
  4. Do people really care if Scott Baio is single, married, fertile...?
  5. Why does Vh1 think I want to watch Brett Michaels and a bunch of (insert your choice of unsuitable word here) women try to find "true love"? Did they forget it is Brett Michaels (ew), and that they are on Vh1??
  6. When will this writers strike end? Will I get to see the back 8 of season 4 of LOST? (By the way...season 4 premier is Thursday January 31st.)
  7. Will Idol suck this year as badly as it did last year? Will you be watching?
  8. Just exactly how many calories are in a Costco croissant?
  9. Who invented Sudoku and can they solve the fiendishly hard puzzles?
  10. Why is a remake of The A-Team being made? Not to mention a remake of Knight Rider ...do we need either of them? Why not bring back Jem and the Holograms!? That would be awesome.
  11. Is a Miley Cyrus concert ticket really worth mulitple thousands of dollars?
  12. How has celeb gossip overtaken world events/issues as what is headline worthy? Do I really care if Katherine Heigl is consulting with a landscaper for her front yard? Apparently Entertainment Tonight thinks so.
  13. Will the politics of politics ever cease?
  14. Who will win TAR next week? I sure hope it's TK and Rachel.
  15. What is going to go down on Season 4 of LOST? (This really occupies a lot of my daily brain activity)

OK, so that's a little bit of the issues I have been muddling with this week (numbers 1,2,3,5,6,14 and 15 taking up a little more time that some of the others). Of course sometimes my brain drifts on to more important subjects like how long it has been since I bought myself a new pair of fanTAStic shoes.
I'm really not such an airheaded girl, even if this post/blog makes me seem that way. I'll debate anyone on the topics of the day until one of us is blue in the face (unless it has to do with finance, then I will probably just curl up and take a nap while you ramble on). Maybe I should start an uber serious blog about "Mel's Issues" and go off on all I think it wrong in this world...but that would require a lot of effort, and thought and maybe even footnotes, and well who wants footnotes on a blog?? So until then, I will stick with my random, craptainment filled (featuring spurts of intelligence and insightfullness) blog that is this. Oh, and I will try to keep Mark's belly shots to a minimum, but sometimes he just can't be stopped.
And one last question ...why are my blogs always SO long?


Krista said...

1)Never heard the song. I listen to an alternative station that played that Grace Kelly song quite a bit when it first came out, but haven't heard that new one.
2)I suggest switching to a different station.
3)I don't know why it is so interesting to the public when a celeb is prego. Maybe the people who write those reports have really dull lives and thus make a big deal out of details of famous people's lives to make them feel better about their own pathetic lives.
4)Scott Baio? Haven't heard/seen anything from him since Charles in Charge. Loved that show!
5)We got rid of our cable a while ago-because of VH1 type shows that have taken over cable stations, it hasn't been much missed. (Except we do miss "The Soup" that show WAS funny.)
6)I was wondering when you were going to express concern about there being no LOST because of the writers strike. Back 8? What does that mean? I don't even remember when LOST ended.
7)I didn't think Idol sucked that bad last year- granted it wasn't as interesting as other seasons, but I still watched pretty regularly. But YES. I will definitely be watching this year. Gotta entertain myself on Tues. nights somehow while M is at mutual.
8)Who CARES how many calories are in the croissant? You're prego, baby-live it up!! The baby needs the croissant! This is the time in your life you needn't even look at calories. Just enjoy. And get super fat like I did...lol.
9)I haven't even close to enough patience to do Sudoko. Nor do I think they are fun. Probably good for your brain, though.
10)I heard the voice of Kit the car is going to be done by Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office.) I think he would be perfect for that part.
11)Miley Cyrus is such a dog. Sorry, but it's true. Use some of your millions and get some braces, will ya?
12)Did you know Katherine Heigl was raised Mormon? Is that more headline worthy?
13)What are politics?
14)I have only seen one episode ever of The Amazing Race. For some reason, it has never struck my fancy.
15)Did they say for sure someone is going to die, are you just assuming based on past seasons?
Last Question- Your blogs are long because #1- You are super opinionated and always have a lot to say about everything #2- You are a good, fast typer, and #3- You have free time while you are at work during the day to write as long as you want.

Alisha and Dave said...

Mika sounds like Queen... I have one question: Is Mika gay too??
The only VH1 I know is myself (Very Hot 1).. I know.. pretty clever eh?
Remake of theA-Team!! Wicked! I wonder who will play Mr T's character... I hope it's Mike Tyson... haha.. 'i pita da fool" (Only picture that with Mike Tyson's voice.. hahahaha)
TK and Rachel better win... I love that show!
Lost... I get lost when I watch it... grr.
Anyway... I enjoy reading yours and Mark's blogs. I'm trying to get Dave into blogging but he barely checks his email.
You should put a playlist on your blog that way at least people can listen to this Mika song while they read your blog. :)

jenn said...

Hey CONGRATS on the announcement! Kurt and I are SO excited for you guys :")

BreAnna said...

I agree I need to know what is going to happen on LOST, I too spend an unhealthy amount on trying to think what is coming next! I hate waiting.

Melissa said...

GO TK and Rachel!

Bryan, Mary & Abigail said...

As I was scrolling down to the bottom of your blog, I ran across a picture of a belly ... not a large one ... just a belly, and all of a sudden I got SO EXCITED AS I REALIZED YOU WERE PREGNANT!!! Congratulations you guys! How's it going? I hope well. Can't wait for you to be parents. Thanks for posting things like this on your blog.