Babies, Puppies and Bruisings

Alright, well, I have heard the cries for details...so I will cave to peer pressure this one time, and one time only! :o)
Yes it is true, I am knocked up. Oh my parents will love reading that! (Hi Mom!). Not that they didn't know, just the using the "knocked up" terminology - that's something that would be expected to come out of Mark's mouth, not mine, right?
Anyway, so the details. I am approaching my 15th week of pregnancy and everything has been hunky dory. No morning sickness (or afternoon, or evening), no aversions to food, nothing more than pants that don't fit me so well anymore and occasional tiredness. So I can't complain, and just ask that those friends of mine who have had kids, or are pregnant currently, but haven't had it so smoothly don't hate me too much.
Our due date is June 8th (not too far into the hot, humid MN summers), but as my Mother so lovingly pointed out to me when I told her the news, "Just so you know Melanie, that is just an estimate. It might be earlier or later than that." (Thanks Mom!) You know I love you Mom. Not too many other details to really share. Mark is holding a gun to my head to make me find out gender, which won't be until the end of January or early February, so I might still have a little bit of time to change his mind. Although he always brings up my one weakness, and that is shopping. Of course I can shop more if I know if it is a boy or a girl, right?? So we will find out, and when we do, you'll all be the first to know.
Well, not sure what else anyone wants to know...if I missed something, leave me a comment and I will be sure to answer it. Oh one thing, for those of you who see me, either regularly or intermittently, I just wanted to give everyone a pre-warning...don't touch my belly. Not that any of you would...I just wanted to cover that topic so that there are no hard feelings if I punch you in the face for rubbing the belly! I have never understood the need for people to touch other people's stomachs. Okay, maybe the father of the child, but a complete stranger?? Does pregnancy give random people on the street carte blanche to just rub your belly?? Not in my book. So if the urge ever comes over you to put your hand on my stomach - be warned, I can not be held responsible for what happens next (just ask Mark what happens if he tries to tickle my feet!). I am also not looking forward to the unsolicited baby advice everyone and their dog will try to give me. Well I might be interested in what the dogs have to say. I think if they can pop out a littler of like 8 puppies...they might know what they are talking about, and how cool would a talking dog be? I know, complete tangent (think I want a puppy maybe?).

It will be an interesting next few months, I guess my trip to Greece in March and Iceland in June are going to have to wait, aren't they? Thank goodness the folks live nearby so that we can drop of little GW (George Washington), John Rambo/John Wayne or Boone so we can go on vacation (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell Mark how RI.DIC.U.LOUS. all of those names are). That is a major reason why this child had better not be a boy!
So, on a completely unrelated note, I discovered tonight that one of my previous co-workers is a sometime visitor to my blog, but he's never left me a comment to let me know. Just want to say hi to him (Hi Joe!!), hope everything is well! Tell the MCIB crew hi for me! Hopefully we will see you guys early next year!


Krista said...

Although I am certain you have already considered this, please resist the temptation to get a puppy now- NOT a good idea. That would be like having 2 babies at once. Not fun for anyone. Not that I am any kind of expert, but just thinking about having a dog at the same time as a baby/toddler would be such a nightmare.

The Jackson Three said...

I actually think the Boone Smith would be a perfect name for your little boy. But I'm putting my money on a little girl Smith! Congrats guys!

The Vetters in Manhattan said...

WARNING! Unsolicited advice: Go on as many vacations as you want while pregnant.

I went to Italy when I was 35 weeks pregnant. No harm done, though I did recieve a lot of nasty looks when I got on the plane. The passengers looked at me as though I was a ticking time-bomb!

Nachelle said...

So excited for you, but I must say we are pulling for a girl for you too, sorry Boone. Jay doesn't want any more little boys running around close to Miya's age, especially those coming from Mark Smith getting near our little girl :)

Kyndra said...

Congrats!!! You definitely are lucky to not have any sickness - feel blessed.

Here's what I say: don't listen to what people say about your child's personality while in the womb. People would say, "Your child will be good since you had a bad pregnancy" or "your child will be bad since you had a good pregnancy." Whatever, seriously, WHATEVER! What do they know? Nothing! No one knows anything! So enjoy, and tune lame people out. (wait, does this count as unsolicited advice? even though it is advice to ignore advice??)

Andrea said...

Mel! Congratulations! You will be a great mother!

Dawnell said...

I LOVED it when strangers touched my belly or stopped to tell me that I shouldn't let a menstruating woman hold my baby because it would give him colic. I can't believe you don't like those things.

Scott & Elly said...

Congrats! I feel so out of the loop! I had no idea you were pregnant until I was visiting teaching last night with Holly and Bridgett and it came up! I guess I've been a little self involved lately:) We're excited to see you next month!