Still Waiting

No internet/phone/cable hook up yet, but I am just tired of seeing that Calgon picture every time I open this blog! So I figured if I am sick of it, the people who visit the page must be sick of it too!! With no TV, people might have worried that we missed Britney's big moment, but dance your fears away, worries for another day - we caught it online! (Fraggle Rock spotlight there). It was a mess. Seriously though... who wouldn't have been nervous knowing the entire world (those who care anyway) was watching to see if she would fall flat on her face or re-ignite her lagging career? I was nervous for her!! I think the album will be a hit though, if it is all like the first single Gimme More... classic Britney. I am big enough to admit that I like the new song. If I was still in my club/dancing days, I would bust a move to it. Thankfully I'm not, so no one needs to see that. Dance grooves, lip sync-able, machine assisted... all the ingredients for massive hits. We needn't worry - Britney will be back on the airwaves before you know it.. whether you like it or not!
Anyway, on to something else...we're all done the painting - even if there is a spot somewhere, it will remain a spot. The paints, brushes and rollers have been cleaned and put away for the last time! We both think the rooms look good, but maybe we're biased. When we get our internet connection running and the camera recharged and can find the cable to download pictures - I will post some! We still have tons of boxes to put away, and the dishwasher is waiting ever so patiently to be installed, but it should be done Thursday. I have hopes that all of the boxes will be put away by the end of the weekend, but I am afriad that college football will get in the way of that ever happening. One good thing about no tv is that since there is no tv to watch, you have to do something!! And it makes going to bed by 10:00 so much easier (no, it's not because we're super old, it's because we get up at 5:15 AM to get to work by 7:00!). Early mornings are hard, but I have to say I like leaving work at 4:00.

I had a rousing conversation with a co-worker this morning about LOST. He is not a LOST watcher, but I think I may have converted him!! It got me super excited for the new season, but then made me sad since it won't start until late January or early February. At least there won't be any repeats in between episodes! Any one have any good new TV shows they are looking forward to this fall? I am hearing pretty darn good things about Pushing Daisies, so I might have to give that one a try. So many reasons to love Fall!! :o)
Any shows you're looking forward to? Any new thoughts/theories on LOST?


Melissa said...

Your new blog look is great. So fall-ish.
Is there another TAR starting? Of course I am looking fw to 24 - but that is another Jan start.
Can't wait to see the painted rooms! Come on internet connection, COME on!

Dawnell said...

Hooray for no more painting but more hooray for dishwashers. Boo for college football. I too am mired in a football imposed moratorium of all work. Sometimes I go to sleep at 10:00. It makes me feel so dirty.

Stephen and Katherine Heggie said...

Me and Stephen are excited for Dancing With the Stars, not exactly for the dancing, but we are really curious as to what Marie Osmond's dancing costumes are going to look like. I am no expert but I am going to guess that none of the outfits on the previous seasons were very osmondish. Miss you guys! Come sit on the beach with us sometime!

Granum Family said...

I don't think I could wake up at 5:15 every morning! But like you said, it would be nice to get off at 4 :)