Calgon Take Me Away

I am not one for baths, but after spending Labour Day(12 hours - what better to be doing on Labour Day, than labouring??!) painting every nook and cranny of our foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen (okay the kitchen part still has to be done), I might be up for a nice long, warm, bubbly soak in the tub. I almost suggested Mark rub my neck and back they ached so much... but I remembered how much I hate massages, and Mark informed me that his hands hurt too much to be of any good.
Perhaps all of the areas we painted don't sound like much... but the foyer has 13 foot ceilings mixed in with 2 staircases and some funky wall with a cut out (thanks whoever invented split-level homes!! NOT). Anyway, after some very crafty thinking (ask Mark about his nifty extend-o-brush), some scary ladder positions (envision a 10 foot ladder, Mark at the top one leg on the ladder, one leg on the banister and me firmly planted on the kitchen floor, one arm wrapped around the ladder, the other arm gripped around Marks leg - I wasn't going to risk him falling over the rail and down the stairs just to have the ceiling trim painted, was I?), and much sitting, squatting, standing, reaching, and climbing we got it done! And we both think it looks pretty good...guess we'll find out when we got back tonight if it actually looks good, or if we had paint in our eyes when we left last night.
The house is finally coming together and now all we have left to do is sprinkle some lawn seed over some spots (Mark has master-landscaping dreams), finish painting in the kitchen (no death defying positions needed, just some stretching to awkward spots) and some drape hanging, we should be ready to roll!! Only a few odds and ends to finish up (garage door opener, lawn mower, and back-ordered living room drapes - if they came early, I would be the happiest girl in the world!!). Now we get to pack up the apartment and make the move this Saturday.
The saddest thing about the move... the fact that we can't get our cable hooked up until the 12th. Which means we will miss the final of GSN's Grand Slam!!! Ken Jennings vs Oggie Oggelmeister or whatever his name is. Cocky little guy. Who will take the title of All Time Game Show Champ?? Go Ken!! AND the MTV Music Awards. Will Britney perform?? Maybe!! Will she really sing?? AS. IF! Will she show off her vay-jay-jay? Probably. Thankfully youtube should catch it all for us. As sad as it is... missing these world shattering events are worth a future of no more screaming banshee neighbours, stereo blaring at all hours of the day/night neighbours, or homeless people sleeping in your hallway. Now we get remote control car racing neighbours, trying to live out a "I wish I had been a rocker" garage band neighbour, a blare "Mr. Roboto" out of my truck as I sit in my driveway neighbour (how did I luck into that one!!?) and a distant train horn.... I'll take them all; preferably Mr. Roboto first (Mark would prefer Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry"). Kidding Mark!! We all know you prefer Kelly to Fergie. :o)
So, this might be the last blog for a few days/week - come Saturday, no phone, internet, or TV until the 12th. Whatever will we do?? Does this mean we have to resort to this? Or this? Nope, it will probably mean this.

Until then! Or maybe before if work is really slow.


Emma said...

I can't even imagine. We thought we'd had it rough painting in our little apartment the past couple of weekends, but we had much less space to cover. I want to see pictures!

Krista said...

Way to go, guys. I am excited for you. Having a house is nice, but like I warned you, it can be a HUGE expense and a HUGE pain in the butt. But worth it, I suppose. I'm sure the paint looks great- there is something quite satisfying about do-it-yourself. Except if you're me, then you just second-guess everything you chose. I wonder if I will ever be able to make it out to MN to see all this handiwork? Right now seems kinda impossible, but here's hoping!

Steven and Erin said...

That'll be so much fun to have your own house! I'm soooo jealous! Good luck surviving without cable and internet! :)

Sheena Larkin said...

We've been a little obsessed with HGTV these days so I can't wait to see the pictures of your makeover ... it sounds amazing!!! I think I would be a little upset about missing the MTV music awards, too. My bet is Brittany won't even show.

Trisha said...

Have fun packing!!! It's so fun to move into a brand new house! You're gonna love it! Mark gave me the new address, but do you have your new phone number yet? Let me know! Enjoy your couple of days with no "modern" conveniences! It makes you much more grateful when you get them back. Who knew Mark was a big Fergie fan? Was this before he bought the swimsuit or after? Does your Mr. Roboto neighbor sport a mullet?

Anonymous said...

WOW Melanie!

I love reading your blog the posts are so animated and fun! You have a very clever way of writing that is most entertaining.

That is so exciting ~ your house!! ...looks wonderful, airy and bright!! I love the light colour wood. What is your favourite part?? ~ not the foyer painting - got it!! :o)

It looks like it is well established and lots of trees for privacy or the pictures make it seem that way at least.

13' ceilings... yikes!! my friend has the same type of foyer and he errects scaffolding for the once very not often job!

You must be sooooo excited!!\

Michele Christmas