Ever wish you could just wipe the slate clean and start again?  Not with you life and the choices you've made, but with your living area? House, apartment, room, condo...whatever.
We've been in our house four years now and I wish I could just un-paint, un-decorate (not that we did a lot), un-curtain, un-choose furnishings and just start again.  The only problem is...I don't have a clue what I would pick if I could do it all over again.  I am currently trying to paint the bedroom, but seeing as it is still the horrid grey colour (with the exception of the 8 squares of potential new shades), I have not gotten very far.  It is much easier to choose when there is just one person, but when you have the opinion of another, it just makes it harder.  Especially since we don't seem to agree on too many things!  I have a blank slate but I can not decide what to do.  Just as I think we've decided, I can not commit to buying the paint in fear that one of us will dislike it once it gets on the wall, and I am not going to have another experience like the bathroom again!  How to decide?? And then how to decorate?  I have pictures piled away that I thought I would like up on the walls, but no, they just lean lovingly against the wall underneath the stairs. 
I suppose the upside to living somewhere with the basics (bed, couch, table) is there wouldn't be too much for the kids to destroy!! 
But, if anyone has any tips, ideas or advice for me...help!!  I really want my bedroom done, it's the last room in the house to have anything done to it!!

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Kyndra said...

I couldn't figure out what to do with our living room so I hired a designer for a couple hours to just consult with me for a little bit on it and she had me to buy some basics which set me in the right direction. I also love Pinterest for decorating ideas, and make Mark look at it with you to point out things that you both like. And if you want anyone to bounce ideas off of, I'm here, it is my favorite thing to talk about.