Well, that was fun. Mel and I spent the last two weeks camped in front of the tv watching the olympics. I think the olympics have lost that special something it had when I was a kid when it was the good ole U.S. of A. kicking some pinko Communist A'. I wasn't expecting much from the olympics, but after watching the first men's swimming relay gold, I wanted to find a Frenchman, kick him in the groin and start a chant, "USA, USA, USA".
I think my favorite part, except for the women's beach volleyball (why don't they make all women athletes wear those same outfits, except for the weightlifters and shotputters), was Bela Karoli. With the exception of maybe Einstein, this is the greatest person we've stolen from a fascist nation. I think NBC needs to have him cover more sports, look at the energy he brings to some of the demonstration sports.


Melissa said...

i had the same reaction to the relay. i wanted to find a frenchman so bad and just go crazy in their face (or on their groin). In yo face suckas!
and Bela Karyoli is a true gem.

Anonymous said...

When I watched this clip during the olympics I remember thinking, "This guy is creepy". Now after watching that clip of him, he pretty much scares me to death.