Do we need Jitterbugs already!?

When did we become so old?
Was it when I first moved away from home? Graduating from University with a graduate degree? Moving to New York City? Buying a house? Buying a bedroom suite? Having a baby?
Or was it many years ago when my love affair with Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy started?
I know for Mark it must have been when we rented our first house and I discovered I had married an 80 year old man who was fixated with feeding hummingbirds and mowing his lawn. I guess it won't be too long before we are sitting in our rockers on the porch, Mark shaking a stick at those darn kids walking across the lawn and me cursing those punk kids driving by with their car stereos blasting out some sort of "rap" music. Mark will long for the days when kids respected other people's property (oh wait he does that know) and I will long for the days when kids drove by blaring the good tunes like Styx's Mr. Roboto or anything else from the 80's! (Oh how T will openly laugh at us!)
Maybe I need to hot a club one night and see if the bouncer would card me!!
Think there are people who can teach you to be as cool as you once were (or at least as cool as you thought you once were)?
I just hope Wheel and Jeopardy are always on my TV.

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