To Pee or Not to Pee

I can't keep it in any longer. Every day it bombards me, seeps into my brain, occupies thought, and drives me crazy.
Seriously, what is the big deal with Miley Cyrus?! If I hear one more story or song about her I might just have to have a chat with someone.
It's easy enough to tell I am not on the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana bandwagon (thankfully she'll be old news by the time T is old enough...although there will be someone, or something else I am sure). I've never seen the show, and I have only heard one or two songs thanks to the radio. I never really had a problem with her until I saw her video and when she performed on the Today Show. Now it's not like I have an actual problem with her or anything, she just bugs me...and the main reason for this bugging you might ask? Has anyone ever watched her dance?
I swear she is having a seizure!! She makes Elaine look like she belongs on So You Think You Can Dance. Wouldn't you think Miss Cyrus would have a choreographer? I would. Maybe the choreographer wants her to look like she is epileptic or really, really has to pee.
It's bugged me for a long time and I just couldn't keep it in anymore, thanks for letting me vent.

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Krista said...

Oh, my goodness- I know! I saw a story about her on some morning talk show today and I was seriously thinking the exact same thing (and also thinking the exact same thing about Allie- what if she was old enough to like Hannah Montana- would I be the lamest mom EVER to forbid that crap in our house? Because I don't care- I would.) You're right, though, by the time our kids are of age, there will always be something- (It was NKOTB for me- but they RULED!!!) Thank you for venting for the both of us.

p.s. I have heard from people who have met her in person she has REALLY bad breath! Another reason to dislike her, I suppose! lol