What Percent Are You?

So with all this baby stuff going on, the blog has been neglected the past couple of weeks... I can't really say I have had any desire to blog to be honest. Given our stance that this won't become a shrine to our little Tennyson, and the fact that no sleep equals brain mush - the blog ideas have shriveled up. I could tell everyone about the awesomeness of early morning/late night tv, but then my blog would be full of lies, and we all know I am not a good liar. So let me say a quick shout out to my DVR and the shows that keep me company at any given hour of the day or night. (Thank you A&E for getting me addicted to Intervention, and for giving me another season of The Two Coreys.)
Well, today my brain may have kicked back into gear, even if only temporarily due to a decent amount of consecutive hours of sleep.
I was at T's two week follow-up and I started thinking...when (and why) do Doctor's stop telling you your height and weight percentiles? How fun would that be as an adult? Probably not very much, but it would be pretty funny to go to your yearly Doctor's check up to be told that you've gained 6 pounds but you haven't grown any taller, so you fall into the 53rd percentile for height and the 95th percentile for weight... I wonder if it would motivate people to lose weight, or gain weight...either way I think it would be funny. Not that I really want to be told that I am off the charts for my weight (at least right now I could kind of blame it on post-pregnancy weight, right?) and slightly above average for my height, but it would make each check-up a little more interesting. You could make bets each year to see where you fall on the scale! We could get the Vegas odds-makers in on it too and turn it into the next big gambling idea! If they can place bets on how long the U.S. anthem will last at the World Series, or which way the coin toss will fall...we can bet on anything, right? It's the next great get rich quick scheme!
So I am sure most of you aren't stopping by here for my random rants on even more random topics anymore...but be warned, as the days go by, my random ranting will return, not to mention so will Mark's random and slightly offensive rantings! But for now I will cut to what everyone is waiting for (and by everyone, I mean probably just Grandparents and a few aunts!) you want T's stats, don't you?? At her first appointment she weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces (drumroll please...) she now weighs 7 pounds 13 ounces - putting her squarely in the 25th percentile for weight. She also grew a whole inch and now comes in at 21.25 inches in length, which puts her in the 75th percentile for height. Somehow we wound up with a very long and lean child... which boggles our minds given our thoughts that she would probably inherit my short waistedness and Mark's even shorter inseam - topping out at a whole 3 feet tall at her tallest. So we're not quite sure where she gets it from, but if she keeps it up, she should be a happy teenager!! Well, once she gets over the vampire-esque glow of her skin she should be happy!


Erin said...

I think for adults they don't use percentiles. Rather they call it a BMI. And I find it very disappointing. Not because it's inaccurate, because it's too accurate. T is darling, and don't worry, the short torso and legs are probably yet to make their appearance and she will be a miserable teenager just like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

For T's sake I hope that she is over 3 feet tall, actually, who am I kidding, for my sake she better be over 3 feet tall. :) She is so cute, I told Stephen I am going to leave him with the kids for a weekend and I am going to come and see her. Miss you guys!

Kara said...

She is so cute! How are you feeling? Hope all is well!

Mindi said...

:) Thanks for posting pics... I'm not even a grandma and I like seeing them and hearing all about her. Hope you've started a shrine for her elsewhere.. perhaps her own blog address? For person viewing only.

I always enjoy finding out how much Jack has grown at each dr. appt. Even though I don't put much care into where exactly he falls on the charts. It really doesn't mean that much... just creates a curve to track "normal growth patterns".

I'm sure an increase in eating disorders would be the result of being labelled as adults on "growth charts". There are too many variables to consider for it to be accurate. BMI is already bad information enough. They try... but it cannot include all factors to the equation.

Glad to hear T is healthy.. and you all are happy! Keep up the updates... and recording your thoughts as time flies by! I promise, you WILL forget!

Melissa said...

that would be funny. i wonder if I am even on the charts for height?
Little T is hugely cute. Post a pic a day...at least. come on!