Viral Infection

So apparently our computer has become the host to a plethora of viral infections....or so my lovely spyware keeps popping up and telling me. Unfortunately everytime I try to run the programs to remove them, the computer freezes, shuts down, or sits there blankly, like it has no idea what to do. How does one become infected so suddenly? One minute I am checking my email and/or facebook....hours later I come back and the screen is a deathly black and red with warnings all over it. Quite strange. Technology...how did we ever live with out it?
Until it is fixed we're not going to do too much from the home computer because you never know what may be lurking... but in the meantime I will leave you with this tidbit of advice: BROWSIE IS BACK!!! Sunday, November 4th, CBS, around the world again here we go....SO excited!! Melissa - make sure you watch and we can discuss all the teams - there is going to be some great clashes, attitudes and complaining this season. Can't wait!!! Oh Phil, how I love you.
Au Revoir for now... hopefully we'll be back up in full throttle soon! Enjoy the weekend - I know I am going to!


Krista said...

Beware! I had the same stuff happening to my coputer, and I ignored it for months, then all of a sudden one day, my hard drive was fried and the computer was junk. Back up your pictures and all your files if you haven't already. You never know. Nothing sadder than losing your pictures.

Leesha Peesha said...

Okay so this just recently happened to our computer! it just shuts down on it's own and boots up for like a mintue and shuts down again. It's possessed I swear! I wish I had backed up all our pictures but sadly we did not... although we do have most pictures it is still sad. I'm praying my friend will be able to fix it or at least take the pictures off.