Unfinished Business

So, with the man of the house being out of town half of this week, I decided on Day 1 that I would try to get something done.  Something other than cleaning, childing, feeding...you know, something for me.  I have been wanting a new dress forever, and before getting pregnant with child #2, I had bought a pattern and some material to make an awesome dress (well awesome to me anyway).  Well...since it's purchase, it's been sitting in a bag in the basement wishing to be made.
Enter Tuesday.
The little guy was asleep, the little girl was following me around.  I figured she could sit and watch me or go play if she got bored.  
Problem #1: she didn't.  It's difficult to lay fabric out to be cut when little hands keep pushing the cutting board, blowing the material and grabbing at pins and scissors.
Problem #2:  the little guy woke up.  Good news:  I got two pieces of the lining cut out.  Progress.
Problem #3:  I have to use the dining room table to lay things out to be cut.  
Problem #4:  We need the dining room table to eat at...luckily it hasn't posed a problem the last few days since we can fit two people around the sewing mess.
Enter Thursday:
Everything in exactly the same place as I left it on Day one.  Those two lining pieces are still the only pieces cut out.  And since that table will need to go back to it's originally intended purpose shortly, I guess they will be the only pieces cut out for awhile.  Hopefully it won't be another year and a half until that happens.


Grandma Smith said...

Just leave them on the table until they are cut out completely, finished. If Mark wants to eat a meal at the table he will have to figure out how to keep the boy and the girl happy so you can cut out the dress. Getting it sewn up may take another year but cut it out now while it is out and waiting.

Emma said...

Man, I feel you. I wrote down my schedule for a "typical" day a couple weeks ago. It was depressing. There were about 20 minutes free all day on a good day.

As far as a solution, I agree with Grandma Smith. Cover it with a towel if you need to protect it, and just leave it there until it's done!