Fondue, Fun and Friends!

So, in the quest for discovering the perfect blog topic to rocket me into blogosphere celebrity, I have discovered that I am stumped. Not sure any of my topics would interest more than the handful of folks who peruse these ramblings every now and again.
With that in mind, here are the events of the last few weeks.

For our anniversary, Mark sent me a beautiful arrangement of roses and calla lillies (thank you!) and then we went to see The Simpsons movie for our anniversary... I know, I know ROMANTIC, you're all jealous. But we did have THE most fabulous dinner EVER.
Words can not describe the joy of a night filled with cheese, oil and chocolate fondue. Raspberry Chocolate fondue no less. We stuffed ourselves silly, and then Mark asked for some more bananas to scoop up the remaining chocolate - you can't let it go to waste no matter how much you feel like your stomach is about to explode! A good night all around.

Then bright and early Monday morning, I was off for a few days of girls only fun! I met up with my most awesomest friend Dana in San Francisco. My flight was only a little delayed, so once I got in, we met up and off we went for 4 days of fun, shopping, eating, and more shopping of course! Neither of us had been to San Fran before and we hadn't had a great girls trip since the infamous Winnipeg to Jacksonville Girls Trip of 2000, so this was long overdue! We were able to score a sweet hotel (too bad our room didn't portray that sweetness - I'll leave the sordid details out, but all I need to say is "thin walls") in a great location, so once we got checked in we were off... to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch!! How much better does it get than having a CF on top of a Macy's? So naturally, after eating, we shopped and shopped and shopped. Too bad we never went back to the hotel with any bags!

The next morning we narrowly made our boat out to Alcatraz (Dana and I are debating entering the next Speed Walkers Olympics!), and enjoyed a day on "The Rock", after which we wandered around the Wharf, ate some sourdough bread, Ghiradelli's hot fudge sundaes, watched the Sea Lions, and ripped every muscle in our calves from walking up and down cliff sized streets. A little old lady pushing a stroller passed by us as we rested our sorry butts on some stairs!! I don't know if I have ever seen a steeper street than on the way up to see the crooked part of Lombard Street (and I have climbed Bear's Hump!! You Canadians know what I mean!).

We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, walked part way across it (we didn't know what we would find on the other side!) encountered a man with diarrhea on the bus (NOT fun), killed the battery on my camera, shopped more, found this great little Italian place in North Beach with a hot waiter, and just had a ton o' fun! I highly recommend girl's only trips!

Since then it has been back to the grind, just working and shopping for appliances and furniture; Which I am happy to say, WE ARE DONE!! Well we need to get some curtains, but I think I know what I want. We've probably spent every weekend for the last month and a half going out every Saturday to "shop" for appliances, a table and a couch.

We are excited though, only a week and a half until we close and can get out of apartment living. The last nail in the coffin occurred Monday morning. Mark left for work about 6:45 and shortly after, he called to tell me to take the elevator down, not the stairs. Apparently two residence-challenged folk were camped out on our stairs. Not a huge deal, right? It is when they are sleeping INSIDE your interior staircase that does not open from the outside!! Mark had to step over both of them to get down the stairs. A little freaky, and you just hope no one wakes up as you are lifting your leg up over them!!
We are more than ready for all that comes with being a homeowner!

So, I guess my search for the blog topic to make me a household name continues -I'll take some suggestions if anyone has some.

And that brings you up to speed with the Smith's!


emily said...

I love San Fran too. It's a gorgeous city...what a great place to have a girls trip!

Anonymous said...

One of my most favorite places is San Francisco and Pier 49! I'm so glad you had fun. Let us know when you are in and settled. We are...finally and the kids started school today! I get one day of rest and then I start school:) No rest for the weary! I'm surprised that Mark didn't just crash out with the "stair dwellers" and strike up conversation. We love you guys! Rob, Trish, and Boys

Emma said...

Yay for an update. I'm totally jealous about the fondue. I love fondue.

Melissa said...

You know I love a post with multiple restaraunt mentions. sounds like a great anniversayr (did you love Simpsons? i loved it) and a great girls trip.
I CAN'T believe you had ppl sleeping in your stairwell - homeowner or bust!
I need something from you - my friend just got called to serve a mission in MSP - I want to send her a little "look at all these cool things in Minnesota" package - any ideas on what to put in it? I told her that through your blog I have become a total believer in MSP coolness...so bring it!