Weight a Minute!

Two weeks left to go in the latest (and last?) weight loss contest with the in-laws side of the family!!  I don't think I will make my overall goal in that time, unless I starve myself.  or just watch what I eat and exercise...yah I am not going to reach my goal.  But I am close!!  Maybe by Halloween...just in time to raid the kids candy!
The hubster and were talking about weight loss and he mentioned how someone had been tweeting their weight and what they had eaten that day to feel accountable.  Everyone who followed them would see that they had fallen off the bandwagon and downed an entire meal comprised of four items from Denny's "Let's Get Cheesy" menu. 
It got me thinking...would I share my weight with the public?  I would easily tell people how much I have lost and how much I have to go, but would I tell them where I started and where I am now?  Why is there such a taboo about weight sharing?  I think women are more apprehensive to tell people how much they weigh, whether they are a size 2 or a size 20, but I think the same goes for men.  No one usually walks around saying, "Hi!  My name is Bob and I weigh 194 pounds."  What makes us so scared to share those numbers?  I mean if we are overweight, it's not like someone is going to be shocked to find out, it's not like we can hide it very well.  Is it just because we don't want people to know specifics? Are we embarrassed?  If we were embarrassed by our weight and then lost weight, wouldn't we shout it from the rooftops?  When big weight losses occur it's usually accompanied by a headline of "She lost 154 pounds!!"  not a "She now weighs 146 pounds!"  Unless your on the Biggest Loser...then we see it all (literally!)
Why also do we not share our clothing size?  I know when I talk to people about shopping I will say things like, "I fluctuate between two sizes", "I had to go up/down a size", or "I am down 3 sizes!!"  Why not just say I ended up getting a size 4 or 8 or 16...whatever it may be.  If the person you are talking to ups and runs because you just said you wear a size 12, let them run!!  Especially when every store's sizes are different.  Even within the same store...I tried on 4 different sizes!
So why then?  I will gladly tell anyone I have lost almost 40 pounds in the last 3 years (not including weight gained and lost from pregnancies), but will I tell you how much I weighed pre-baby #1 and how much I weigh now?  Will I tell you what size I was before babies and what size I wear now?  No, probably not.  Maybe if I need that last ditch motivation to get rid of these last 9 pounds to reach my goal, but I am hoping I don't need to go there.  Why won't I tell?  I have no idea.  Why won't you tell?  Or would you?


Corinne said...

So, I've debated whether or not to leave a comment bc it just makes me seem like a huge snotty jerk. BUT, the taboo goes for skinny people too and this is why--people hate you when they find out how much you weigh. I've found (obviously), that it's much much much better to keep my stats to myself. Oye--Brat Corinne. Forgive me.

Krista said...

I am 5'10 and weigh 150 lbs. My size is somewhere between a 10-12 depending on brand. As an adult, I have weighed everything between 130(which is way too skinny for me) and 230 (9 mo. pregnant with Drew)I don't know why weight is such a taboo subject. I do know that society is always bombarding us with messages that lead us to believe that our worth as women is somehow directly related to our weight/looks, but I have learned from experience that this is just so far from the truth. I have found through past experience that the more I have strived to fit "the mold," the more self-conscious and anxious and selfish I became. Skinny does not equal happy! Learning to love yourself and to see your own value and potential influence for good, regardless of your current size or weight, is what will bring true happiness. What really matters is health, and being able to love yourself for who you are, which frees you to love others as they are. (haha I am SUCH a YW leader! Hope that didn't sound too preachy! I don't care though because I know I am right!)

Meg said...

I love your hair gone wild post!! SO MADE ME SMILE THE ENTIRE DAY! LOVED IT